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The dream of a house in the countryside – closer than you think!

It is no secret to anyone that the pandemic has changed our habits and also our lifestyle. More and more people are choosing to take advantage of the opportunity to work remotely and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by moving to live in the countryside. We also observe a great interest in the installation of wooden houses, which can be used not only in summer, but also in the cold months of the year.

This season's trend is to replace the city with the countryside!

With small children, it is not so easy to make a decision to leave the city, because moving to the countryside means a lot of management with taking the children to school and clubs, therefore we observe the greatest interest in buying houses from customers who are in the age group of 40–55 years. Many of our customers have been thinking about moving away from the city for years, and it is the current uncertainty about heating costs during this season that has motivated people to finally implement their idea and to replace the city with the countryside.

Build a small house during two weeks?

Currently, when construction prices are rising month by month and this winter's heating prices are still shrouded in fog, many are afraid to take out a mortgage loan and to build a big house. Thus, small houses, the construction of which does not require project approval by the Construction Board and large financial investments, are a good alternative to the construction of a standard house and provides an opportunity to move to the countryside even before the start of this year's heating season. The construction of the house will take less than 2 weeks, and then you will only have to furnish the interior and decide which type of heating to choose.

Order today and move in this summer!

Eco Dowel SIA offers to build garden houses that will be suitable for living both during summer and during winter – triple glazed windows, ventilated façade, wall, ceiling and floor heat insulation with mineral wool 200 to 300 mm, depending on the customer's wishes. The installation of the house does not require heavy machinery; therefore it is possible to install it quickly and conveniently anywhere in Latvia within 2 weeks. If you also dream of your own property in the countryside, but cannot financially afford the construction of a standard house, think twice – maybe you don't need a big house at all? Currently, more and more people are choosing to build small houses, because, let's be honest, children grow up quickly and when living together, you don't need 4 rooms or two floors, and if you choose the right house layout, it is possible to arrange a large living space even in 60 square metres. Come to our website and take a look at the standard projects we offer, or contact us and tell us what your dream house should be, and we will make it come true!


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