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Sauna house on pontoons

The floating pontoon structure is developed according to its intended use - a floating sauna or a floating rest house. Different types of application affect the type and quantity of the required pontoons. The design and materials of the floating structure can be chosen individually, adapting them to your needs.

Start your own business with a custom-designed floating sauna house on pontoons.

Houses can also be ordered according to an individual project and dimensions

At your request, we can additionally equip the sauna raft with:

  • Hot water tub;

  • Second floor terrace;

  • Engines;

  • Captain’s spot.

A floating sauna or a floating rest house provides an excellent opportunity to start your own business or supplement your existing business with a sought-after vacation spot throughout Latvia. Start your floating sauna or vacation home business now!


Our implemented projects

Sauna house on pontoons ''Forburga'' Adrejsalā

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