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Wooden camping houses and office modular houses

Camping house IQ BOX-KEMPI

IQ BOX is a premium wooden frame house, ideal for campings, as large panoramic windows provide a great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature while still being in the pleasant atmosphere of a wooden house. Thanks to the heat insulation of the floor, walls and ceiling, it is easy to heat the building even during the coldest winter months. We involved the best specialists of our industry in the home development process. The IQ BOX wooden frame house is designed according to the climatic conditions of Central Europe. It is possible to order an additional terrace for the house.

Available sizes:

  • IQ BOX-KEMPI Standard: 4x5 m

  • IQ BOX-KEMPI- BIGI: 4x8 m

Office modular house IQ BOX-OFFICE

IIQ OFFICE is ideal for places where economic activity takes place, yet, where office space is not provided. The wooden frame structure is designed in such a way that this wooden office can be transported without disassembling it; if necessary, by performing small manipulations, your office will already be in another place of your choice. The interior wood finish provides a pleasant working environment, while large windows will ensure sufficient inflow of light. Separate premises for sanitary facilities are provided in the structure. The heat insulation is also suitable for work in winter conditions.

Available sizes:

  • IQ BOX- OFFICE MINI: 3x4 m

  • IQ BOX- OFFICE MAXI: 3x6 m

Specification of houses:

  • Type of house: frame with panelling made of finishing boards, heat-insulated;

  • Cross-section of pillars is 45×95 mm;

  • Thickness of exterior finishing boards: 12 mm painted;

  • Thickness of interior finishing boards: 12 mm;

  • Total wall thickness: 150 mm;

  • Finishing board fastening: With nails;

  • Number and location of windows: by agreement;

  • Number and location of doors: 1 piece / front;

  • Partition walls are possible;

  • Roof covering: Imitation of metal tiles;

  • Wall heat insulation: mineral wool 100 mm;

  • Ceiling heat insulation: mineral wool 150 mm;

  • Floor heat insulation: mineral wool 150 mm;

  • Finished floor covering: Wooden plank floor.

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